Miranda Rocca-Circelli

Miranda Rocca-Circelli is a mother of three beautiful children, entrepreneur, educational practitioner and lover of helping people live their greatest life. Over the past decade Miranda has engaged in a variety of projects, and works with organizations to provide employee and executive coaching programs. She has explored different modalities and continues to explore the world of self-discovery with a goal to share her knowledge and insight with her clients. Being an advocate for going down that deep, dark road to enlightenment, her teachings bring people light and insight where they need it most. With a few academic degrees under her belt (Master’s Degree in Distance Education, Bachelor Degree in Bio-Medical Biology, Bachelor Degree in Chemistry, Coaching Certification), and a world of experience, she is dedicated to developing programs that inspire and motivate people to live their greatest life.


How to Become WonderMom

This course has been designed for every women, at any stage of life, at any age!
This course will take you through a 4-week program that will help you to begin to uncover who you REALLY are!  Life sometimes happens, and we can lose ourselves within our intention to care for others.

June 20, 2016