How to Become WonderMom

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About the Course

Course Description:

This course has been designed for every women, at any stage of life, at any age!
This course will take you through a 4-week program that will help you to begin to uncover who you REALLY are!  Life sometimes happens, and we can lose ourselves within our intention to care for others.

I have experienced the effects of building a family and when we bring children into this world, we want to nurture them and give them all the tools they need to thrive, and in doing so, we find ourselves less then thriving because of all we end up giving to others. We tend to find ourselves trying to keep our heads above the water and survive, in doing so, we loose our identify, our passions, our joie de vie at times. Sure there are many parenting books and methodologies out there to help you support and nurture your children, and I firmly believe that to be the best parent you can be, you must first be the BEST person you can be. That means, taking care of yourself is THE MOST important thing you can for your children. Give your children the right tools to be empowered and able to thrive; give them YOU, the most authentic version of YOU that you can be!

Program Overview:

Week One: Uncovering Who You Really Are.

This week will take you through a process to begin to uncover who you really are.
What does that mean - "uncovering who I am"? That means, we will go through your current definition of self-confidence, and identify if it still fits who you are today, because let's face it, who you were 5 or 10, or 20 or 30 years ago is not who you are today. Life is ever evolving and so are YOU. It's time to do some Spring cleaning and look deep within yourself to uncover your truth.

We will create a new formula for you to build a new YOU!

Week Two: Old Beliefs. New Beliefs.

I believe this is the most critical week of the program, because what makes you do the things you do and react the way you do is all based on your past experiences, which in turn formulate beliefs about everything you experience. These past experiences sometimes even stem from when you are a child. Every experience we have in our lives, we then create beliefs based on such experiences that we then carry with us our entire lives, unless we take the time to dig them out, take a good look at them, and decide if they still fit with who we are and our current methodologies (our processes for how we do things in life).

These beliefs will influence our behaviours both consciously and subconsciously in all that we do; the decisions we make, the reactions we take, the jobs we choose and the way we raise our children. If we choose to keep our old beliefs, which sometimes no longer serve us (consistent with who we are at this moment in time), these are the beliefs that we bestow upon our children, and the beliefs they will pass along to their children, and so forth. So if they no longer serve us, why not establish ones that speak to us, and then pass those along to our children. Old beliefs that no longer serve you can cause so much disconnect within you. This is mostly due to a deep knowing that those beliefs we are using to raise our children, have no longer a valid place in our lives.

Get ready to dig deep, because this week you will be digging out any old belief that no longer serves you and provide you with the tools to now create new beliefs so that you can experience new and exciting opportunities in your life.

Week Three: Igniting Your Passion(s)

What is a Passion? A passion is something that you absolutely love to perform; something you get lost in, something that brings you joy and an abnormal amount of energy when you are engaged in it. WHAT IS YOUR PASSION? We all are born into this world with passions. As life progresses, we tend to lose our interest in uncovering our passions, and as life continues to evolve, we sometimes get stuck in the mundane, and as the years progress, never take the time to identify what our passion(s) are. This can have devastating results on anyone, because your passion is part of who you are, part of that piece of life that gives you your Joie De Vie (excitement for living life).

In this week's lesson, we are going to uncover your passion, whether you already know what it is, or you have no clue, we will work together to uncover that "thing" that makes you excited!

Week Four: Introduction To The Law of Attraction

This week is a little bit of an unconventional topic, and lies within the ability to begin to create and ATTRACT the life you WANT. This week we will take a look at the Law of Attraction, a very powerful and yet gentle methodology to help you begin to co-create your world.This last week's lesson will bring all your teachings into perspective and give you the final piece of the puzzle to begin to live a life of Fulfillment and Joy. This week will help you step away from the idea that you are a victim of your circumstances, to I can create my life and I have full control!

Ready, Steady, Start to Manifest your Dreams!

Program Outcome:

By the end of this program you will be able to set new goals in life and experience new opportunities that are more consistent with who you are today, not who you were yesterday. 

Course Length and Details:

Suggested four weeks, but the good news is.... You can choose to take your time, or complete the course during the 4-week timeline. AND, because the life of a MOM at any stage of life is a "bit busy", you can login to your course when you want, learn the content when you want, and access it anytime and anywhere. You will still have access to the program after the 4-weeks, so that you can come back and review the content as you wish. My only wish for you, is that you attempt to complete the course in a reasonable time frame, because you do not want to lose any of the content or the momentum you will gain with each lesson. Each lesson within the course, builds on the last, so if you wait too long in between, you might want to go back to the previous week and review the content.

There is also no instructor, and you can learn at your own pace! So take your time, learn the content and start taking care of yourself!

Special Pricing:

This 4-week program is being offered to you at the cost of $159.00! Usually a one hour coaching session will cost around $200.00. This course is the combination of approximately 20+ coaching hours! Which would cost a client, $5,000.00. Your cost is ONLY $159.00! AND you get to revisit the content whenever you want, access it whenever you want, and anywhere you are! On Demand Coaching also usually comes at an added fee, and you get it all for only $159.00!

Don't wait any longer to uncover who you REALLY ARE, spaces are limited!

Taking care of yourself is the MOST important thing you can do for your children".


Miranda Rocca-Circelli
Miranda Rocca-Circelli, MDDE, BSc., BSc.
Miranda Rocca-Circelli is a mother of three beautiful children, entrepreneur, educational practitioner and lover of helping people live their greatest life. Over the past decade Miranda has engaged in a variety of projects, and works with organizations to provide employee and executive coaching programs. She has explored different modalities and ...